If you look it up or you do the math, once Day 91(.25) ends, 25% of the year is complete. Where are you? What have you done? What have you accomplished? I truly hope you are enjoying life, that you've gone on trips and weekend getaways, that you've landed that promotion or are on your way to passing that class! So far, for me, 2019 has been tough. Of course, there have been really great moments and memories made, but overall it has been a major test of my faith in myself and admittedly, some of those around me.
Every creative - those who draw, those who paint, musicians, models, photographers - will tell you that there are moments, ranging from an hour, to a day, to as long as a month or more, where they have doubts about their craft. They can't create, they can't compose, they can't draw or write or pose to save their life (or so they claim). These aren't uncommon feelings, nor will these feelings ever go away. Sometimes they are brought on by long periods of being unable to practice their craft, sometimes they come from seeing other artists around them achieving awesome goals.
When it comes to these moments, the best and most appropriate thing you can do is support your friends and family. Share their work, like their posts, comment and tag your friends. That simple boost in confidence could be just the right kick in the butt to shake them lose and bring them back on the rise!

Thanks for taking the time to read my latest post! I know it was short, but wanted to give this little PSA while I work on new content in the form of videos, photos, and interviews! Keep an eye out for new posts each month and subscribe to my newsletter for updates and promotional offerings!

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