Lately, it seems, everyone is a model. Everyone is a photographer. Everyone is a social media guru and influencer. I'm not knocking anyone who is actually attempting to push themselves forward and make something out of the industry, but you've got "influencers" who are demanding money to grow your Instagram and not delivering, only to disappear and ghost you completely. There are "models" who's social media and "portfolio" consists of selfies, drunk videos and snaps at the club, and blatantly photoshopped and filtered images (nothing wrong with Photoshop, but don't give yourself muscles or shrink your stomach if that isn't how you actually look). There are "photographers" who are literally just a Guy With A Camera (GWAC), who take advantage of the multitude of Facebook Groups and Pages, as well as sites like Model Mayhem, to attempt to convince women to pose sexually and provocatively with promises of great exposure and more work.
My Facebook and Twitter feeds have been overrun and filled with posts and shares exposing industry "professionals" that are making people quit their respective craft of modeling, freelance make-up, freelance hair-styling, designing, and photography. They quit because these individuals have make remarks or made full statements that no professional should be stating - "When you were posed this way, I wanted to f**k you so bad, and I'm sure you wanted it, too!", "I think you should shoot lingerie! Oh, it is okay that you didn't bring any, just take off the shirt and pants you have on and we'll work with what you have!", "You want to bring someone with?! What, you don't trust me? It isn't like I'm going to assault/rape/attack you!" They quit because of inappropriate touching or advances; they quit because of lack of privacy that was addressed, but never ratified. This bothers me on so many different levels, not just as someone who tries to be a decent human being, but also as a photographer because it puts people I may have or will work with in extremely unnecessary and uncomfortable situations - situations that could evolve and explode into something much worse.
What could be a novel on the topic of safety for ALL industry professionals, I will keep this short and to the point - if you ever find yourself in an uncomfortable situation, a compromising situation, or one that is less than ideal and could develop into something more, then please remove yourself! Do not be afraid or worry about perception, as your safety and comfort is more important than finishing a hair style, a highlight, a video, or a photo. As I said, this doesn't just apply to models, but any and all of those involved. 
Some quick tips:
- Bring a buddy/ boyfriend/ girlfriend/ parent/ etc. If someone tells you that you are not allowed to have someone with you for an event/ production, you can explain your reasoning if you'd like, but you are not obligated to do so.
- Make it clear on your limitations and what you're willing to do during a production. The first time you tell someone "no" in regards to going beyond the scope of the theme or idea, it shouldn't be brought up again unless you're comfortable and willing to bring it up to proceed.
- If you're unable to bring someone along, stick to the time slot discussed and inform others of where you will be, the times you will be there, and if you need a getaway plan (think blind date scenario).
And these are only some of the basics. Again, safety and comfort are the most important things in any production or experience. 
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