It has begun! 
I've got the domain, I've got the email address...changes have started! Surveying random people on the street only confirmed my suspicions and thoughts - VincTank Photography was too difficult a name to remember, and therefore not likely to be searched. Not to mention, I can't even count the number of ways or times that it has been mispronounced!
Since I asked a bunch of strangers their thoughts and opinion on my original branding, it was only fitting that I reach out to those who support me in my work on their thoughts to my NEW branding. After a couple different surveys went out, with multiple options to choose from, it ultimately came down to two different options: VCPhoto or VCintrón Photography. Obviously, I went with the latter, as including my last name would personalize the brand for me, and still give that sense of professionalism!
This has been a long-time coming - I originally wanted to do a rebrand almost a year ago, but instead opted to simply shorten my URL and domain for the sake of ease, as well as adjusting a few username/ tagnames for social media. Now, it is official. I have my new URL and domain, as well as a new email address, and I'm in the process of switching all of my social media and any photography related accounts to VCintrón Photography as we speak! My hope is that by the time my birthday hits, I will have everything switched over and be operating 90% under the new branding.
In the meantime, I do still have old business cards, which means that I must hold on to my original domain for the time being, and Instagram will be the final social media outlet that I change (since it is featured on said business cards). So, if you could help me out, and spread the word of the rebranding, and of course help me to promote my work - share my posts, refer me to your friends and neighbors and coworkers, subscribe to my YouTube channel, like and follow my Facebook and Instagram pages!

As always, thank you for taking the time to read! I look forward to hopefully working with you one day!

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