What comes to mind when you think creativity? What gets you in the mood or motivates you when you get hired for that design job? Why do you do what you do?
A friend from high school (damn, I've known him for nearly 14 years now) came back to visit home from LA, where he's been working his butt off and getting the chance to travel. Rafal contacted me and said, "Hey Vinc, do you have any shoots coming up? I want to record you working and maybe ask you some questions. I want to make a video for you."
Now, I'll be honest, this threw me for a curveball - I never thought about being on video (aside from a couple single scene performances for friends' projects), let alone answer questions about what I'm doing! I digress, I actually had a shoot planned out, just a small quick session with a photographer/ model, so I got permission to have Rafal join me and do some recording!
We all talked, laughed, and joked around, while setting up equipment and applying makeup; as the shoot started, Rafal started filming. It was surprisingly very natural to continue the session like I would any other, not even considering the fact that this guy was walking around us, panning his camera up and down and around. 
That is just how it goes. You have an idea, you have a plan. Make it happen, regardless of any hesitation or preconceptions. Exactly how I feel about the entirety of the creative process. As I mention in the video below, what do you have to lose? When you are creating art, who are you doing it for? Sure, you may be hired as a painter or graphic designer, someone may have asked you to take their photo - but really, who is it for? You do what you do because you love what you do, money is an added perk.
I'm not going to go into something profound, actually going to cut this short, because there isn't too much anyone can say. Take pride in your work, enjoy and appreciate your craft. You've worked hard to get where you are, and I doubt you'd be willing to just give it all up. Create music for you. Paint for you. Take photos for you. Draw for you. Sing for you - do what you do for you! And by whatever higher power - evolution, God(s), destiny, time-space - have fun with it!
This video can be found on my homepage. Recorded and edited by Rafal Cwiok (www.rafalcwiokfilm.com)

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